Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Gifts

Are you looking for an idea to give to your mom or your friends for Thanksgiving?

It is always nice to give a little something to your family/friends for Thanksgiving — it is, after all, the season of thanks, and they do a lot for us! A great idea is to give something embroidered such as dish towels. They work great and let’s be honest–can you ever really have enough dish towels?!

So for this year, it’s time to get to thinking, what could you embroider on your gift that would make everyone laugh, yet still fit the season and make everyone happy!

As an idea, find a turkey design online that you like and then add the text, “EAT HAM”, under the turkey or if the person you are giving the gift to is a Vegetarian then put “EAT TOFU”. Another idea might be to add your favorite thanksgiving one liner, such as a joke or a quote. GET CREATIVE!

You’re towels, no matter what text you decide to use, will be a hit and, I’m sure everyone will get a good laugh at Thanksgiving this year!

Any EmbroidMe Location can help you with these easy holiday ‘gift’ ideas and they will help you get the design and the look you want. You will definitely be asked back to the Thanksgiving Feast year after year with gifts like this.